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Dustin’s STEM Assignment

January 13, 2010

Hello World.

My name is Dustin Martin, and I am currently enrolled in General Chemistry at Grantham University.  As a requirment for this course, I had to come up with an idea to promote something for the scientific community.  I thought a good idea would be to create a newsletter of some sort and send it out to my address book.  However, my instructor thought that a more aggressive approach would be to create a blog so that the potential number of readers could be exponential.

SO, with that in mind, I plan to create a new post each week that will feature a topic that features on of the aspects of STEM.  For those of you that do not know, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Pretty clever, huh?  This is a new intiative that is aimed at promoting each of these principles throughout the education system of our country.  As many of you may know, our country is quickly falling behind the rest of the world in the number of scientists and engineers that we develop.  This is where STEM comes in: to make these core topics interesting, viable, and sexy again.

This is a good link for more in-depth information on the STEM initiative:

In this first post, I will share an interesting article from each of the core topics of STEM.

Science: Scientists are using methods from other disciplines to glean new knowledge from old data.   In an effort to curb funding requests to examine previously discovered data, Biologists, in particular, are developing “synthetic science” — an approach which combines concepts, tools, and data from multiple disciplines to produce new insights or discoveries.

Technology: The CES is underway in Las Vegas, NV.  Here is a peak at what is coming in the months ahead in personal technology.  Of cource, the usual  jumps in television and home theater technology are making the usual rounds, giving us louder stereo and pristine television pictures.  What really jumped out to me was the introduction of the Picowatt.  This device allows home owners to monitor their energy use, scaling back thier consumption.  This will be particularly helpful in places like California where rolling blackouts in the summer months are common due to the high demand.

 Engineering: Need a taste of some of the most recent engineering marvels to grace our planet?  Have a few billion dollars laying around?  If so, then check out this myriad of marvels in Dubai.  Granted, the country is currently in a financial meltdown due to its extreme, over-the-top engineering and building choices, but they sure built some neat stuff.  I am not sure of the practicality of it, but it appears that the country felt that it could really boost its post 9/11 tourism draw of the world’s wealthy by building these monstrosities.  It’s just too bad that the price of oil has fallen like a rock.

Math: Chinese Scientists help spark the Chinese space initiative with their advancements in mathematics.  Ok there is nothing too alarming about this article you say?  How about the fact that each of these brilliant men were born less than 15 years after WW1?  To me, that’s just cool.  These guys are each in their 80’s and could do mathematical circles around most of us.  Check out the pictures and ages of the previous award winners.  They range from 75 to 91 years old!

That is the conclusion of my first blog ever written.  Hey, for a guy who doesn’t do Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Yourface, Hisplace, or whatever, I think this came out ok.  Check back around Monday each week.  I’ll find some more cool sciency stuff to post.